Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Insulation and Heat Resistant Paint

When you are thinking about efficiently cooling down your home inside, we normally think air conditioning or external roof ventalation products like whirlybirds. There are new energy saving and cheaper alternatives available now to think about like heat resistant paint.Effective heat insulation will stop your building from heating up. reflecting the heat before it gets inside and minimizing the use of air conditioning.It can come very expensive to keep cool using air con as we have the hot air continually coming inside. The roof acts as a conducter and heats up to high heats by the sun. Left without reflective insulation, a roof could heat up to nearly 100 degrees on a hot day.Heat reflective paint can reflect up to 85% of the suns heat. That means alot of heat that has not been absorbed into your home. Unlike traditional wool ceiling Insulation or roof Insulation which only holds out the heat from the blazing hot tin, until it eventually heats up itself. Traditional wool insulation often stays warm into the hot night, making the evenings as uncomfortable as the hot day, especially when it becomes muggyAnother consideration might be to install roof ventilation. Common options in Australia are house ventilation whirlybirds, roof vents or vent ridges. But the roof cavity is not what generates the heat; that comes from the hot sun on the roof.Rather than ventilating the space between the ceiling and hot roof,it vould be more atractive to use a roof paint to give you heat reflective insulation. Reflective paint can cool the roof top down by up to 40 degrees, and inside up to 21 degrees. This result would be much better than 2 - 3 degrees you mightl achieve by installing ventilation between the ceiling and roof.

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